“How would you summarise your AllTwenty experience?”

"Even though so far only taking for a short period as I stopped due to a fall I felt that AllTwenty gave me more energy. When I am up to exercise again I will carry on with AllTwenty"

"The quality and mix ability was good, the supplement is extremely smooth which does make for easy mixing or in a shake / squash. The taste of the natural is not something I'd normally have or liked that much but if there were other flavours I would like to try them."

"Absolutely brilliant, feel great "

"Interesting - having never taken a protein powder before and midst pandemic its difficult to say how/if AllTwenty has directly improved my health and wellness, however I feel it has to be a contributor. "

"I have more energy, my hair feels amazing and my skin too. Definitely no bloating anymore. Such a great product!"

"A totally new experience which has made me realise the benefits of health products"

"I have never used any protein supplement before, and as far as exercise, I never thought about it. I previously suffered with bloating and my nails always broke or peeled. But after 4 weeks, I haven’t felt that bloatedness at all and my nails have just started to grow. I feel better all round."

"As vegetarian worry about protein intake,, so this is good option!"

"Easy way to get energy and aid recovery following exercise or in supporting a healthy morning routine"

"Enjoyed the easiness of the breakfast"

"Really good and when dissolved in juice works well "

"Good powder with no bloating and a great amount of protein."

"Really enjoyed it. Taking it first thing for breakfast. I’m usually really hungry on a morning but this has curbed my appetite, it’s been a real game changer for me!"

"Great. Product is helping me maintain high quality protein intake that supports by keto style diet."

"Like adding batteries"

"Enjoyed using the product. I have felt less bloated and ever. My stomach pain has reduced"

"I've enjoyed experimenting with ways to use it in my diet, but always come back to my original & favourite shake. The improved energy levels are great. Before taking AllTwenty my get up and go had differently got up & gone. I now feel that I'm getting my old self back with the help of AllTwentyplus regular exercise and as a result my mental health has improved as well."

"Very positive. I aim for 120g plus of protein per day and find it difficult to achieve without a supplement"

"Great product, certainly helps reduce aching after a workout. It’s given me more energy through the day".

"I have been using AllTwenty for 3 months now – all my bloating has gone and for the first time in years I have been able to exercise 3 times per week. I put this mainly down to AllTwenty and the fact my recovery is vastly improved."

"Not being a runner, I genuinely believe AllTwenty got me through this by dramatically reducing any aches, pains or injuries. It also got me through me KB challenge which I did after the run – 500 swings a day with a 24kg bell for a month 10,000 swings. I can’t recommend AllTwenty enough and have it daily in my smoothie."

"Since taking AllTwenty my legs have recovered so much quicker after football….. I don’t get stiff anymore and generally just feel so much better… I have it every morning and just mix it with Ribena….."

"My doctor suggested I increase my protein intake due to low energy levels but I
struggle with digesting high protein foods… since taking AllTwenty I feel like someone has put some batteries in me it has given me a new lease of life! My husband John started using AllTwenty recently after a major ankle operation, he is much more active way ahead of schedule so his recovery has been accelerated by AllTwenty."

"Can’t recommend this product enough! Feel so much better for it and my skin is glowing."

"I am a mum of two daughters and I work full time. I’ve struggled with low energy in recent years, even though I try to eat the right things, rest and I love to run! I figured that’s just life nowadays and had resigned myself to just feeling tired as a working parent. But I’ve been taking AllTwenty for months now and I have so much more energy and feel great. I would really recommend it. You don’t need to be a triathlete or marathon runner to benefit from taking extra protein. I’d advise anyone to give it a try – it has made a massive difference to how I feel each day!"

"I am very happy with the product. My gut health is so much better and I will definitely order some more."

"I tried whey protein some time ago but it made me feel quite unwell so I was very cautious when I began the AllTwenty."

"I have not had any side effects and am feeling the benefit already"

"I have been taking it for 2 months and have noticed a massive difference in recovery after football training and would highly recommend it to anyone."

"AllTwenty has benefited my experience with fitness and with my workouts. I’m not as sore as I usually would be without the protein. I have seen positive progress  since I started using it. I usually have it with Strawberry yogurt."

"My daughters football has just started back so I’ve given her some AllTwenty this week mixed with apple and orange juice and she hasn’t mentioned aching muscles once – I honestly think she is quicker too!!"

"AllTwenty has made such a difference to my daughters dancing as she used to get lots of aches. No more bedtime aches and much more energy.. for even more dance!"

"During lockdown I have swapped my weight training for road running to help keep my fitness levels up and introduce a new gym free challenge. AllTwenty has helped my recovery speed to allow me to train for longer and achieve PBS throughout lock down. I have also seen a massive improvement with my gut health compared with proteins that I have used previously. Great product!"

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